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My Kit Rundown


I often get asked about this kit so here is the full rundown. My kit is a Mapex Mars series kit, obviously in a double bass configuration. This kit is all birch with a matte black wrap and matching hardware. Being that I primarily play metal having a punchy, loud birch kit was really important to me, and this kit has tons of punch and volume. Paired with a Pearl Joey Jordison signature snare and this kit really brings it, and the matching black Mars series hardware is pretty solid, though I haven't travelled with it much. For all the drums I use Evans Black Chrome heads. On the kick drums I use EQ3's on the batter side and ONYX reso-side heads.


  • Paiste CS 900 16 Crash

  • Paiste CS 900 18 Crash

  • Paiste CS 900 20 Ride

  • Paiste CS 900 18 China

  • Paiste CS 900 10 Splash

  • Paiste CS 900 14 Heavy Hats

Pedals & Accessories

For pedals I use either a pair of Trick Blackwidow single pedals, or a Mapex 800 (armory) series double pedal.

Other Things I Use:

  • Sweet Spot Clutches Fangs

  • Side Snare Mapex Equinox

  • Drum Dial Tension Tuner

  • Los Cabos 5A & 5B Black Widow Red Hickory Sticks

  • Evans Red Hydraulic Head

  • Black Widow Drum Mat

  • Mapex Saddle Seat Throne W Back Rest


My recording setup is fairly simple. I use two Apex DP-6 Microphone packs for my Toms and Kicks and Overheads, and a Shure SM-57 on both Snares. I use a Yorkville VGM-14 mixer in a Focusrite Scarlett. I mainly use Ableton Live to track, and Adobe Premier to edit content.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this Rundown.



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