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Get Good Drums: Invasion

GGD has been putting out some of the best drum sample libraries you can buy, and recently the mad geniuses released The Invasion, a huge and extremely versatile metal monster that runs in Native-Instruments Kontakt Player. The Invasion is being called "the most extreme drum sample library" and after a few hours with it I can see why.

The interface is similar to GGD's other libraries in both look and feel. . Programming and editing your sounds and samples is presented in a very intuitive way, and each piece of the drum kit can be independently mixed, and the built in processing and reverb can ensure studio quality sound. Components can be previewed and added in the Full kit tab, and the amount of gear GGD has packed in here is just insane. It includes seven snares, four kicks, 12 toms, and 30 cymbals that run a pretty broad spectrum of drum manufacturers.

Additionally there is a built in groove player that can help you quickly form ideas, or lay down full tracks if you happen to not be a drummer, and programming your V-drum kit via Midi-Mapping is a breeze with the simple learn and record functions. Template for Midi-Mapping can also be saved and recalled for later.

For more on the invasion visit GGD: Invasion here.



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